Lenten Devotional: Saturday, April 12

by Colleen Pruitt
April 12, 2014

Psalm 90:12

Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

A few months ago, I felt as though I would never make it off the hamster wheel. Bogged down with work and home and the everyday activities of life, I felt as though things were off, out of balance in my life. Certainly God has blessed me with wonderful family and friends, health, and many blessings; I just couldn’t figure out what was missing. I first turned to diet and exercise as part of my “new year, new you” campaign. And while fitting into that old pair of jeans and seeing my kids eat more vegetables felt good, I still longed for more.

Over the years I have justified not attending church because Sunday was our one day home, a time to relax and be together as a family. Looking back, how did trips to the grocery store and loads of laundry fit the bill of “relaxing?” Thankfully, I finally put the excuses aside, and our family joined the Cook family one Sunday for services at Oconee Street United Methodist Church.

That’s when something special happened, and I started to really feel whole again. I started to honestly reflect on how I was living my life and what I wanted for myself and my family. The words and hymns of love, goodness, and kindness brought me back to what matters most in life, and the genuine smiles and expressions of friendship have made me feel most welcome.

Something has started to change. I know the direction I want my life to take and look forward to the journey. I now notice the miracles (both big and small) that happen around me each day that I failed to see before because I was focusing on the negative and the trivial. I am now trying to make my days count.

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for each and every day.  May I be mindful of my time on this earth and strive to live a life of purpose and love. Please help me to be grateful for my many blessings and help me to see that each day is a gift from God, never to be wasted. Amen.