Sept. 26: Extended Family Dinner & Coffee House Music Night

Have you been attending Oconee Street UMC as an “extended family” member (we like that better than “visitor”)? Are you starting to feel like this might be your church home? We hope you feel like a part of the extended family at Oconee Street, and that you might want to know more about us as you decide what role you want the church to play in your life, and what role you want to play in the life of Oconee Street UMC.

Everyone is invited to this Extended Family Dinner and Coffee House Music Night on Friday September 26, 6:30-8:30 p.m. at 717 Oconee Street – right across from the church where we have our fellowship meals.

This will be our second Coffee House night, and everyone who was able to attend the first one loved it. There are lots of ways to participate: performing a song or two, reading a poem, telling a story–or being an attentive listener!

There will also be time, between entertainers, for people to chat at their tables. Extended family members can ask questions, members can share why they chose Oconee Street UMC, and Lisa will say a few words to the group.

If you would like to offer a song, poem, dance, story, etc. please contact Rebecca Simpson-Litke and let her know what you plan do and approximately how long you plan to do it:

If you are a member of Oconee Street, please let us know 1) if you can come, and 2) if you can help host by bringing a dish to share:

If you are a visitor/extended family member – no need to bring anything! Just let us know you can come and enjoy an evening of food, fellowship, and entertainment.