Lenten Devotional: Saturday, March 21

by Violet A.M. Calkin

March 21, 2015



I bet everyone that you could think of has cried. Whether it’s work, school, friends, enemies, or pressure that triggers the tears. But what about new things? Ever shed tears about a friend moving away? A loved ones death? A new job? A new house? Of course you have. 

Lately, my hormones, school, and friends have been pushing hard on me. All of this is what we call change. We may not always appreciate it, but it comes anyway. Think of the disciples after Jesus was crucified. They didn’t want this ginormous change, and they were upset. Jesus had been teaching them for a couple of years! That’s a long time. Hey, but changes aren’t always negative! 

The getting of a little sibling is awesome (change)! The change of age is pretty cool, too. When you’re experiencing some overwhelming change in you’re life, it helps to take a deep breath. Call an old friend. Read a book. Do anything but think or be upset about it. You’re probably tired. When you lack rest, everything seems bigger. Just remember, God is there. He cares. When things are moving so fast you can’t keep up, Pray. 


Gracious God, 

Help us to embrace change, whether it’s appealing or not. Let us be optimistic when our life feels like a never ending horror story. Remind us, O God, it will always get better.