Lenten Devotional: Friday, March 25

by Maxine Easom
Dr. Marcia McFee is a worship specialist who works with churches all over the United States.  The worship committee at Oconee Street has had the opportunity to attend two of her workshops, and we have had her come to Oconee Street to help us in our worship planning.   In addition, we have utilized Dr. McFee’s expertise in our worship planning for several years.
Dr. McFee sent an email to all the people who work with her throughout the year.  I thought it was a beautiful piece of writing, taking us through Holy Week, day by day, while keeping the focus on the true meaning of each day.  As I read the writing, I thought immediately of our church – of each of you.  Thank you for being such a special group of Christians.  Here is Marcia’s gratitude writing:
Friends, I wanted to let you know that I am praying for you in these three holiest of days. But actually, I pray for you every week. Because every week…
… you are the ones that welcome the people to the table of Jesus and proclaim that we are the family of God, whether we feel like supporters or traitors at times.
… you are the ones that hold the hands of the distraught and dying and proclaim that death will not have the last word.
… you are the ones that wait through the night, praying for the resurrection of this world and its beloved people.
…. you are the ones that dare to look into tombs and declare that God’s promises are fulfilled by new life.
You are the ones that are striving, week in and week out to bring the liberating Gospel into reality by feeding, clothing, housing, working… all in the name of Love and Justice.
I am deeply grateful for you and am humbled to serve you. And I am praying for you… always.