Sermon: If you’re not paying attention to the world, you’re not paying attention to God

006-christmas-wisemenHerod was surrounded by religious and political authorities, however, it was three wisemen — essentially pagan astrologers — who knew about the birth of Jesus. While religious leaders of time were very studied men, they were not open to seeing God in nature. It was the wisemen who were open to God.

In our life, we need to follow the cue of the wisemen. We cannot ignore what is happening in the world, or else we will miss seeing God, who is constantly seeking us. Are we open to seeing God in the world? Or are we too consumed with our own lives?


The Word in Song: “Go With the Wise Men”

“The Two Books of Revelation”
Sermon by The Rev. Joe Gunby
Matthew 2:1-12
Jan. 8, 2017