Sermon: Are we vulnerable enough to let God in?

godatworkIt’s difficult to grasp the concept that Jesus was both God and human. He isn’t like Spiderman, who distinctively lived two different lives: as Peter Parker the photojournalist, who could turn into a superhero when needed.

Jesus was God and human — all the time. When he healed people, he did as God and human. When he prayed, he did it as God and human. When he talked to others, he was God and human.

Recognizing this fact allows us to understand the potential we have for our lives. Of course, we’re not God as Jesus was. But we are human. And Jesus showed us the power of what humans can do. The key is we need to be open to God, as Jesus was. God wants to work through us, but we have to sacrifice control of our lives. Are we vulnerable enough to let God in?


The Word in Song: “We Are Called”

“Take Me to the River”
Sermon by The Rev. Joe Gunby
Matthew 3:13-17
Jan. 15, 2017