Sermon: Trump got you down? Through Jesus, we can make it right.

beatitudes-smallBanning refugees from our borders, promoting torture for our prisoners, placing a physical barrier between our Mexican brothers and sisters, creating a universe of “alternative facts” — the last week has been tough for many Christians.

We are in a blood fight. Not just in a blood fight about policy and what is right or wrong, but about what is true and what is false. It’s not just about The Trump administration. That is a symptom of the problem. The problem is that we lack a vision of salvation.

We’re called to live in the truth. The truth is not a fact, it’s not a precept, it’s not even a verse of Scripture. The truth is a living person — a living presence that we’ve had made available to us through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus told us with The Beatitudes that all the situations that are beyond human hope can be made right.  There is nothing in this world that is going to set the world right for you other than the power of Jesus.  It’s time to turn this world upside-down.


The Word in Song: “No Turning Back”

“#Blessed are …”
Sermon by The Rev. Joe Gunby
Matthew 5: 1-12
Jan. 29, 2016