Sermon: The Lord’s Prayer

Jesus teachingWhen the disciples asked how they should pray, Jesus replied with the words to what is now known as “The Lord’s Prayer.” It’s a prayer that Christians often cite, but rarely reflect on the power of the words being said.

Although there are many formal words in The Lord’s Prayer, the essence of the prayer is what’s essential. We are recognizing that God is a “hallowed” being — beyond our human essence — and are asking God to be among us. And we are asking God to provide what we need to survive, to forgive us, to help us forgive others, to protect us from evil

For those who don’t or rarely ever pray, The Lord’s Prayer gives us a launching pad for meaningful prayer. But only if we think about the word’s we are reciting.


“The Lord’s Prayer”
Sermon by The Rev. Joe Gunby
Matthew 6:5-13
March 12, 2017