Sermon: Church is not a den …

When Jesus enters the temple in Matthew 21:12, he overturns tables and chairs, saying “My house shall be called a house of prayer; but you are making it a den of robbers.”

Many interpretations of this passage focus on the evil Jesus felt was happening inside the church.  That’s an easy way to view this passage. We would never do evil in the church. However, Jesus says the money changers are making it a “den of robbers.” What is a den? It’s not a place where robbers do their evil deeds. Rather, it’s a place where robbers congregate after their evil deeds done — a place where they can feel safe.

How many of us attend church on Sunday seeking a den — a place where we escape the sin of our everyday lives — only to go back to committing those sins again on Monday? Don’t come to church telling yourself you’ll be alright because now you’re in God’s house. Change your ways.


“After the Parade”
Sermon by The Rev. Joe Gunby
Matthew 21: 12-22
April 9, 2017 • Palm Sunday