Sermon: The Apostle’s Magic and Mystery Tour

While it would seem that nobody really believes in magic, if we’re honest, a great deal of what passes for faith can tend toward magic if we’re not careful.

Magic attempts to control results and predict the future, while faith remains open to the unmanageable gifts that God puts in our lives. When life hands us a situation we can’t control, our trust that God is at work among us is more a matter of spiritual perception than it is our innate ability to conjure impressive results. With a little help from Harry Potter, we’ll see that a life well lived is less about asking “what abilities do I have that allow me to control my life” and more about the question repentance leads us to ask– “what  do I need to do to be the person God wants me to be?”


The Apostle’s Magic and Mystery Tour
Sermon by The Rev. Joe Gunby
Acts 8: 4-25
July 9, 2017