Sermon: A Presence Remembered

long-roadIn today’s Gospel reading (Luke 24:13-35), Cleopas shares the news of Jesus to a friend, who was skeptical. However, when they meet the 11 disciples, he believes. Cleopas was a witness to the resurrection.

When Oconee Street UMC burned down in 2013, smoke was still billowing from the church when members began work on rebuilding plans, and the Our Daily Bread soup kitchen was welcomed at its new location at First Baptist Church. That represented to the community that Christ was a alive among us. We were a witness to the resurrection.

As the fire awakened us in 2013, the events of Charlottesville, Virginia must awaken us now. We must stand as a witness to Jesus, and reject hatred and racism. “The church is called at this time to be a witness of what’s right and wrong.”


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“A Presence Remembered”
Sermon by The Rev. Valerie Duncan
Luke 24: 13-35
Aug. 13, 2017