Sermon: Apparel Oft Proclaims

In the Parable of the Wedding Banquet (Matthew 22:1-14), Jesus tells the story of a king who ordered his servants to go out and invite anyone and everyone to a wedding banquet for his son. However, when the king finds one man at the party not dressed in the attire provided him, the king casts him out.

Just like the wedding feast in the parable, Jesus tells us that the invitation to the kingdom of God is wide, however, the expectations to be in the kingdom are high.  The wedding guest was cast out not because of his lack of fashion, but rather his disregard for the seriousness of the event. It’s not enough for us to be in the kingdom of God. We must be filled with the goodness of the Holy Spirit, and express our holiness through our daily actions and interactions with others.

This is as high as the bar gets. Are we clothed in the garment of Jesus? Do our actions show the holiness of Christ? For us to stay in the kingdom, our response to God’s invitation must be real, open and honest.


“Apparel Oft Proclaims”
Sermon by The Rev. Joe Gunby
Matthew 22: 1-14
Oct. 22, 2017