Advent Devotional: Dec. 7, 2019

Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room!

by Katie Calkin
December 7, 2019

The contemplative season of Advent reminds me to step back and take stock of my practices for living in the body of Christ. There is so much revealed about who God is, and how God relates to us, by Jesus coming into the world vulnerable in body and in status. And yet, we guard ourselves in many ways. It takes intention to acknowledge our repetitive thoughts and emotions, to loosen our grasp on our desires, agendas, pursuits, attempts to be in control, and surety of our own perspective. It is a humbling and gritty practice to see ourselves more clearly, to witness our connection and dependence on each other and the earth, and to be vulnerable and open to each moment as it is.

This Advent I renew my commitment to prepare him room by catching myself when I’m distracted and refocusing on the person I’m with to be present and curious about them; swimming laps to clear the stress and clutter from my brain; noticing the color of the sky, the flight of falling leaves and the feel of the air on my skin as I walk my dog; doing yoga to invite flexibility in body and mind; and sitting in silence with the coming Christ daily (yes, I am going to meditate daily during Advent!).

What are the ways that help you prepare him room?

Prayer: Living savior, help us to prepare room for you. Give us courage to be as vulnerable as a baby in a manger. Give us compassion and conviction to be connected to our sisters and brothers who are truly vulnerable. Help us make space in our minds and hearts so that we can gratefully receive you as we breathe in, and freely share you as we breathe out. Be born in us each moment with each breath. May we be in awe of this miracle! Renew and transform us this Advent so that our actions are ways that you come into the world each day. Amen.