Advent Devotional: Dec. 19, 2019

Wedding Memories

by Edwina Biron
December 19, 2019

“Love came down at Christmas.
Love all lovely. Love divine.
Love was born at Christmas
Star and Angels gave the sign.” 

December is a special month for Jonathan, my husband, and me for many reasons, including Christmas, but it is also the month in which we were married. We were both students, I was in my last year of physician assistant training, and he was in graduate school. We thought Christmas break would be a practical time to get married because our friends had that time off and could attend our wedding more easily than after graduation, AND the church would already be beautifully decorated for Advent, so we would save some money!

However, there was another more important reason that became very clear during the ceremony. My friend Theresa sang “Love Came Down at Christmas” with only guitar accompaniment, and it was simple and touching. As we said our vows and promised to love, comfort, honor and be faithful to each other, and to enter into union with one another through the grace of Jesus Christ, I realized the real reason for getting married during Advent and what Advent means.

God comes to us and seeks us and is among us in many ways, including marriage, and also in friendships, worship, illness and death. This December we will be celebrating 32 years of marriage, but most importantly, we will be celebrating the coming of Christ’s birth and Christ’s coming again. Praise be to God! 

“Love shall be our token. 
Love be yours and Love be mine.
Love to God and neighbor.
Love for plea and gift and sign.”