Vigil on Tuesday for 100th anniversary of lynching

 A vigil will be held Tuesday, Feb. 16 at noon at the Athens-Clarke County Courthouse in remembrance of the lynching of John Lee Eberhart, who was murdered by a mob on February 16, 1921.

Participants will gather on the steps of the Athens-Clarke County Courthouse where, 100 years ago on Feb. 16, a mob broke into the building and, proceeding to the jail on the fourth floor, seized Eberhart and drove him to a spot on the Clarke-Oconee line off U.S. Highway 441.  There, a mob of an estimated 3,000 people participated in or watched Eberhart’s burning at the stake.  

No one was ever charged, prosecuted or jailed for the murder.  A coroner’s jury ruled the killing was carried out by the “hands of persons unknown.”

Masks must be worn and safe distancing is encouraged.

For more information, contact John Cole Vodicka, or 612-718-9307.