Do you feel called to lead at church?

Each year in every UMC, new leaders are elected from within the church to serve important roles and seasoned leaders leave their roles. This constant exchange of duties is a healthy pattern that keeps ministry rooted in the laity as a whole and not in any single person or small group. 

This year, we are seeking three new Leadership Team members and two new Nominations Committee members. Ideally, all of these positions serve a three-year term. These two committees are separate of each other and serve a checks-and-balances function within the church. The role of the Leadership Team is to serve as the combined finance, trustees, staff-parish relations (HR), and church council. It does governance work and helps ensure the church as a whole is accountable to its mission and vision. The nominations committee (full name is Nominations and Leadership Development committee) serves a more limited role in nominating people for leadership and ensuring that new leaders are being developed to serve in the future. 

If you feel called to use your gifts either in the governance of the church or in identifying and developing leaders, please complete this form so that you can be considered. This form will remain open until the positions are filled. 

All of our ministry teams are open to people joining their work at any time, and several have a need for someone to step in to the leader position or taking on a specific role:

  • worship: chair and coordinating liturgists
  • communications: chair
  • finance secretary/treasurer

communications: chair

finance secretary/treasurer

I hope you will be in prayer and discernment about how you can use the gifts God has given you for the work of the Kingdom through this church.– 


Rev. Laura Patterson (she/her)