Vision Statement

OSUMC Vision Statement

Oconee Street United Methodist Church is a family of committed Christians who seek to express God’s love to each other and to the community.

We welcome all people regardless of age, color, race, ethnic background, immigration status, economic status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, involvement with the criminal justice system, struggles with addiction, physical and mental challenges, or educational level. We come seeking the healing balm of salvation through Jesus Christ.

We express God’s love through:

  • Worship: Praising, praying and singing based on God’s Word and the Holy Sacraments in the tradition of the United Methodist Church.
  • Study:  Seeking and sharing knowledge about our relationship with God, with each other, and ourselves through Scripture, reason, experience, and tradition.
  • Ministry:  Caring for and assisting our neighbors near and far.
  • Nurture:  Welcoming, caring for and assisting our members, visitors, and friends to feel a part of our church family.

Our actions are based on faith in Jesus, the Christ, who challenges us to go forth with joy and to take risks courageously as we seek to build God’s kingdom and fulfill God’s purpose.