Linnentown activist and Athens Reparations Action table at Methodist Annual Conference

Familiar stories will be featured at the Classic Center starting Thursday at Annual Conference when United Methodist clergy and lay delegates from the North Georgia Conference gather in Athens for three days of worship and decision-making. Hattie Thomas Whitehead, consultant to Oconee Street UMC and local author, will have a table featuring her memoir “Giving Voice to Linnentown” … Read the rest

Bearing Witness

by John Vodicka

“In most places, when people hear about or see something that is a symbol or representation or evidence of slavery or the slave trade or lynching, the instinct is to cover it up, to get rid of it, to destroy it.” 

Bryan Stevenson 

I’ve decided to step back from the rigorous courtwatching I’ve been doing these … Read the rest

Town Hall Monday on ACC Police Oversight Board

Does Athens need a police oversight board? Oconee Street’s Racial Justice Task Force has supported the Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement (AADM) efforts seeking an answer to this question for our community. A comprehensive proposal has been developed to create an independent civilian board to enhance positive police / community relations and to increase accountability and trust in the complaint process when … Read the rest

Bearing Witness: Jail time is no help

By John Cole Vodicka

Raymond M. suffers with the demons of addiction. He’s 29 years old. Since Dec. 29, he’s been in the Clarke County Jail, arrested yet again and waiting on whether his felony probation will be revoked, returning him to prison. Since 2014 Mr. M. has been locked up a number of times for things like entering automobiles, … Read the rest