Two by Two – Sunday School Classes Working Together

What began as a spontaneous idea in the Preschool Sunday School class, grew into a wonderfully uplifting and exciting Sunday School session this past Sunday.  We wanted to take just a minute to share our experience with you.
Watch the video of the Preschool and Upper Elementary Sunday School classes working and learning together:

A Bittersweet Day

The demolition progressed quickly today.  One wall came down causing others to fall quickly behind it.


The back wall of the church.


Another view of the back wall as it came down.


Look closely beyond the tree and you can see the original wood that framed the building.


The Education Building is also being renovated.


A Note About Donations

We are grateful for all contributions to assist with fire recovery. To help with organization, we would ask that should you decide to donate, that you label your donation to go to either Oconee Street United Methodist Church or Athens Urban Ministries (Our Daily Bread) as they are two different entities and do not share funds.