Sermon: Plundering the Pagans

When Paul went to Athens to spread the word of God to the Greeks, he did so in a different than previous disciples preached.

Paul met the ancient Greeks where they were in their beliefs — even debating in Areopagus, the same place where ancient Greek thinkers like Aristotle philosophized. He didn’t downright shun their vision of God, but rather … Read the rest

Sermon: Playing Catch-up

The transgender debate has many Christians claiming the moral high ground as they condemn a group of people they do not understand. However, throughout Acts we see Jesus calling people to spread the word of God to people across the world, regardless of their different appearances, languages or cultures.

It is critical for us to understand that we are not … Read the rest

Sermon: Step Into The Light

The phrase “Jesus Saves” is the heart of our faith. If there is no God that saves, then there is no Christianity.

However, as a catchphrase, “Jesus Saves” often comes off as too simplistic. The problem with our modern-day stories of conversion is that they don’t need God once they are saved. “Jesus Saves,” then what?

The way you know … Read the rest

Sermon: Under African Skies

Jesus is for everyone. As much as some people — and some political parties — link Jesus to themselves, Acts tells  us that Jesus is for everyone. When Phillip encounters an Ethiopian in Acts 8, he is fulfilling Jesus’ promises to spread the word of God to “the ends of earth.”

The beauty of our faith is that whether you’re … Read the rest

Sermon: Called Witnesses

There are a lot of people talking about God under the guise of witness. But many times, when people are talking about God they are truly talking about themselves.

Genuine witness comes when the situation demands it — when you’re sent to witness. In these moments, you’re not witnessing as a volunteer, but as one who has been called forth … Read the rest

Sermon: “Health and Wealth Gospel”

When Stravisnky’s Rite of Spring premiered in 1913, it nearly caused a riot. A hundred years on, it’s now recognized as one of the greatest pieces of the 20th century–even becoming the score to a Disney cartoon. What happened? If the music didn’t change, maybe the audience did.

Is it possible that to read difficult texts like Acts 5, we
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Sermon: “More Precious Than Gold”

peter-heals-1024x626.jpgSometimes it’s difficult to believe what’s in the Bible. In Acts 3:1-16, Luke tells us the story of how Peter healed a man “lame from birth” simply by telling him, “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, stand up an walk.”

In 2017, with our scientific and medical knowledge, how are we supposed to believe that this actually happened. … Read the rest