Sermon: “More Precious Than Gold”

peter-heals-1024x626.jpgSometimes it’s difficult to believe what’s in the Bible. In Acts 3:1-16, Luke tells us the story of how Peter healed a man “lame from birth” simply by telling him, “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, stand up an walk.”

In 2017, with our scientific and medical knowledge, how are we supposed to believe that this actually happened. … Read the rest

Why is Jesus so concerned with manners?

Why is Jesus so concerned with manners? He’s always telling his disciples where to go, when to leave, how to act, and most importantly, who to eat with.

The mystery of faith as much to do with manners as it does belief.



“Manners and Mysteries”
Sermon by The Rev. Joe Gunby
Luke 14:1, 7-14
Aug. 28, 2016

Sermon: The Gift of Being Lost

“The Gift of Being Lost”
Sermon by The Rev. Lisa Caine
John 3:1-10
March 6, 2016

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There are times in life, even when we’re doing everything we think we’re supposed to be doing that we realize at some point along the way we’ve gotten lost – taken a wrong turn, become preoccupied with our … Read the rest

Sermon: The Gift of Emptiness

“The Gift of Emptiness”
Sermon by The Rev. Lisa Caine
Luke 9:18-27
Feb. 28, 2016 • 3rd Sunday in Lent

The Word in Song: “The Image of God”



It is an unwelcome but nonetheless true statement that we learn more from our mistakes than from our successes. We learn more from our moments of loss than from those … Read the rest

Sermon: The Gift of Uncertainty

“The Gift of Uncertainty”
Sermon by The Rev. Lisa Caine
1Corinthians 13:11-12
Feb. 14, 2016

The Word in Song: “Call to Lent”


On Friday I was headed to Atlanta to have lunch with my friend Melissa Allen. We have been friends since the third grade. After she moved to California when we were in high school, we lost touch, … Read the rest