Sermon: Hindsight

Sermon by The Rev. Lisa Caine
August 10, 2014
Genesis 45:4-12, Romans 8:28, 35-39

Audio not available for this sermon.

I love the story of Joseph. It has been a favorite ever since I was first introduced to it in Sunday School as an 8 year old. I remember coloring pictures of Joseph and his “coat of many colors,” … Read the rest

Sermon: Renamed & Renewed

Renamed & Renewed

Sermon by The Rev. Lisa Caine

Aug. 3, 2014

Genesis 32:22-31, 2 Corinthians 5:16-21


This summer we have been spending time with our ancestors, getting to know the forebears of our faith a little bit more intimately perhaps than when we were first introduced to them in Sunday School, which is for some of us many years … Read the rest

Sermon: Family Values

Family Values
Sermon by The Rev. Lisa Caine
July 13, 2014
Genesis 25:19-34, 1 Corinthians 1:26-29

The honeymoon is over. Last week we recalled of the marriage of Isaac and Rebekah. It was a gentle hopeful story, where every wish of the servant matchmaker was answered, where the bride was eager leave home to begin her new life in a … Read the rest

Sermon: Nuptials

Sermon by The Rev. Lisa Caine
July 6, 2014
Genesis 24:34-38, 42-49, 58-67

Audio not available for this sermon. 

This summer we are remembering the foundational stories of faith found in the books of Genesis and Exodus. Some are dark and challenging, like last week’s story of Abraham’s near sacrifice of Isaac. And some are gentle and hope-filled, demonstrating … Read the rest

Sermon: The Test

The Test
Sermon by The Rev. Lisa Caine
June 29, 2014
Genesis 22:1-14

This summer we are looking at our family tree – the one we share with our Jewish forebears, the one we share with Jesus. Between now and the end of the summer, we’ll be remembering some of the high points and low points of the significant lives … Read the rest

Sermon: The Invisible Woman

The Invisible Woman

Sermon by Dr. Jodie Lyon

Genesis 21:8-21


As Lisa said in her introduction, I teach Christian theology at UGA. But before that, in my undergraduate days, I was an English major. A lousy English major.

When I say I was a lousy English major, I don’t mean that I skipped class a lot or that I … Read the rest

Sermon: Having Dominion

Having Dominion
Sermon by The Rev. Lisa Caine
June 15, 2014
Genesis 1:1-2:4


You know that one of my oft repeated themes in preaching is the belief that it’s not all about us. And that is a hard sell to folks who read the creation story as one which leads from the lesser to the greater, culminating in the … Read the rest

Lenten Devotional: Thursday, March 20

Every day during Lent, members of Oconee Street UMC will write a Lenten devotional and share with the congregation.

by Jodie Lyon
March 20, 2014

Genesis 32:22-32

I’ve never watched WWE SmackDown and those spandex outfits the high school wrestlers wear really bother me.   And yet, one of my favorite biblical texts is the story of Jacob wrestling the angel.  … Read the rest