Sermon: Your financial gift to the church is a ‘test of genuineness’ …

istock_000003781492mediumPaul launched the first Christian stewardship campaign. Writing to the Corinthians — a mostly well-off population that prided themselves on being educated and doing good work — Paul warns them that their tithes to church pale in comparison to the Macedonians, a population not nearly as wealthy. Paul said our financial gifts are a test of our genuineness.

Paul’s words … Read the rest

Sermon: How Wide is Wide?

“How Wide is Wide?”
Sermon by The Rev. Lisa Caine
1John 4:7-21 and Acts 8:26-40
May 3, 2015

Choir Anthem: “Your Love, O God, Has Called Us Here”

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The New Testament begins with the four Gospels, designed to share the Good News that Jesus of Nazaareth is the Messiah of god. They are followed by the Book of … Read the rest

Sermon: The Misunderstood Master

“The Misunderstood Master”
Sermon by The Rev. Lisa Caine
Nov. 16, 2014
Matthew 25:14-30, 1 Timothy 6:6-10, 17-19

My favorite definition of stewardship is that stewardship is what we do with what we have after we say I believe. The parable we have heard this morning is about stewardship, about what three servants do with what they have after they’ve … Read the rest