Sermon: Lazarus needs our help. What will we do?

We are familiar with the story of Lazarus — the person Jesus raised from the dead. However, the story of Lazarus is much more. In this story, Jesus is calling us to action.

The story of Lazarus is rooted in Jewish tradition — the story of Eliezer of Damascus who comes to people as a poor man to deliver a blessing of God, only to be ignored by rich and powerful people. Translated to New Testament Greek, Eliezer is “Lazarus.”

In this present time, as struggle to balance our Christian faith with American policies regarding the poor and outcast, including illegal immigration and refugees, we must recognize what Jesus did for Lazarus.

“As we weigh risk and burden against faith and call, Lazarus comes to us.”


“When We Encounter Lazarus”
Sermon by Shannon Mayfield
John 11: 1-45
April 2, 2017

Sermon: Are we any different than the rich man?

pearly-gatesIt’s easy to look at the rich man in Luke 16:19-31 with judgement for his poor treatment of Lazarus.

But do we treat the Lazarus’ that exist in our life any differently? Do we truly practice what we preach? Do we treat every person as a child of God? Pastor Joe imagines how the conversation between the rich man and St. Peter may have went at the gates of heaven. What would our conversation at the gates of heaven look like?


The Word in Song: “Ready for a Change”
Soloist: Natalie Smith

“You Can’t Get There From Here”
Sermon by The Rev. Joe Gunby
Luke 16: 19-31
Sept. 25, 2016