March 14 Online Service

Oconee Street UMC Online Service
March 14, 2021 • Fourth Sunday of Lent

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Pastor Laura Patterson

Prelude: “Lost”

Maxine Easom (piano) and Natalie Smith (flute)

Discussing “Mercy”

Mrs. Janet and the Upper Elementary Sunday School Class

Call to Confession

Sarah Sumners, Amber Kugle and Jack

Opening Hymn: “Come, Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy”

Sovereign Grace Music
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Sermon: Holy One of God

Unlike Matthew and Luke, Mark opens his Gospel not with the birth of Jesus, but his baptism. And just a few verses later in chapter one, while preaching in a sanctuary Jesus casts out a demon from a possessed man. Many were surprised with the confidence with which Jesus did his work, and that he exhibited power over an “evil … Read the rest

Sermon: “The Quality of Mercy”

Jesus tells us how to deal with those who sin against us, and not surprisingly, it’s countercultural. Where in society when we confront disagreement it’s so easy to block someone on Twitter, or unfriend them on Facebook, Jesus says we should first go talk to the person, face-to-face. Because when we talk to someone, there’s something about our humanity that … Read the rest