The Gospel is not a “kingdom checklist”

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Pastor Joe Gunby blesses children and backpacks as the school year begins.

It’s easy to focus on one aspect of the Gospel and trust we will “inherit the kingdom” if we just do that one thing God wants us to do. But the Gospel is not merely a checklist. Jesus tells us that we can relax in the knowledge that God already loves us and we should not focus on earthly possessions that ultimately create worry. We shouldn’t give to check off a box on the “kingdom checklist,” but instead give out of love, with the knowledge that God will provide for us.


The Word in Song: “I Want to Be Ready”

“Striving After the Given”
Sermon by The Rev. Joe Gunby
Luke 12:22-34
August, 7, 2016


What is wrong with having a lean-to?

lean-to 8ftx6ftJesus warns us about falling in love with our possessions, but let’s face it — we like stuff! And God created “stuff,” so how can “stuff” be bad? Be careful of not falling into that middle-class trap and think God is only talking to rich people about possessions. God is talking to us. And we must keep our priorities straight.


The Word in Song: “I’m in Awe of You” (performed by the VBS kids)

“What to Say to Yourself”
Sermon by The Rev. Joe Gunby
Luke 12:13-21
July 31, 2016