Sermon: Saving Sabbath

The Pharisees criticized Jesus and his disciples for doing work on the Sabbath. Jesus noted that the Sabbath was made for humankind, and not humankind for the Sabbath.

This isn’t to say that the Sabbath is not important. God gives us the Sabbath as a gift for three reasons: rhythm, resistance and restoration. The Sabbath helps us find rhythm in our lives. It gives us the silence we need to let God in. Sometimes in the salvation of the sabbath we find resistance Just as Jesus broke the law by healing people on sabbath, we should respect the dignity of the children of God over the law and our capitalist society that promotes greed. Finally, the Sabbath gives us restoration.

“Saving Sabbath”
Sermon by The Rev. Joe Gunby
Mark 2:23-3:6
June 3, 2018

Jesus changes the rules

Jesus_crippled_womanThe Pharisees are that character we love to hate. They aren’t pure evil … they’re just doing what they think is necessary to properly worship God.

However, Jesus comes in and breaks their rules, such as healing a “crippled” woman on the Sabbath. Jesus wants everyone to know that the Sabbath is about life, and what’s more godly than giving life on the Sabbath? Who is out there needing help with whom we can give life?


The Word in Song: “Amani Utupe”

Sermon by The Rev. Joe Gunby
Luke 13: 10-17
Aug. 21, 2016