Sermon: The Jesus Way

by The Rev. Lisa Caine
May 18, 2014
1 Peter 2:2-10, John 14:1-7

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day and I enjoyed a visit from my daughter’s family. When my son and daughter were young children, I told them all the time, “you are the best boy (or best girl) in the whole wide world!” And they, bless their little hearts, … Read the rest

Sermon: Life in His Name

Sermon by The Rev. Lisa Caine
April 27, 2014
John 20:19-31

Today is called “low Sunday” by some traditionalists in the church. Low because so many people who were here last week are absent this week, so our attendance is lower than it was. Low because we have come down from our celebratory Easter high, full of alleluias, and Christ … Read the rest